Portable Saw Mill, LLC

A Cut Above the Rest


Starke's Portable Saw Mill, LLC has been milling custom cut lumber since 1995. I can cut your logs into lumber at your location or they can be delivered to my place. I have a 40' x 60' enclosed building so that logs can be sawed at any time, regardless of the weather. My portable band saw mill is capable of producing high quality lumber from a basic cutting job to specialty veneers. I can accurately mill 4'/4', 5'/4', 6'/4' and 8'/4' dimensions and can cut logs 36" in diameter and 16'8" long.

Imagine building virtually anything you need from the trees surrounding you. If you want to build a hunting or "get away" cabin in a secluded location, Starke’s Portable Saw Mill, LLC can come to you.

Once the project is done, you will have accurate dimensional lumber, scrap slabs for fuel or hunting blinds, and saw dust for animal bedding.

Some of the products I mill include railroad ties, landscape timbers, fencing, and fireplace mantels. No request is too unusual. I'll do my best to meet your needs.

I invite you to check out our website, view the video to see the milling process in action, and view images of some finished products.

Please call or email me for any projects you have in mind and for a free estimate. I look forward to hearing from you.

John Starke